SEO Tricks to Land Higher SEO Rankings

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Search Engine Optimization is very necessary to upshot its organization website. According to recent studies, approximately 93% of online activities start with search engines. To boost up traffic on your website you have to rank up your website with modern SEO tactics. However, top search engines like Google and Bing continuously working on their searching algorithm to enhance the user search experience. That is why it is so important that marketers and business individuals should know SEO tricks to boost up their audience.

Top 10 SEO Tricks to Rank Higher

Here are the top 10 SEO tricks that can lead you to land in higher SEO rankings.

  1.  Make Your Website Faster
  2. Secure Your Website With HTTPS
  3. Optimize the Mobile Version Of Your Website
  4. Improve Traffic and Engagement Metrics
  5. Enhance User Experience Of Your Website
  6. Generate Engaging and Worthy Content
  7. Empower Your Social Media Presence
  8. Conduct an SEO Audit in your Website
  9. Optimize Website for Google’s Featured Snippets
  10. Create Optimized Online

1. Make Your Website Faster

Website speed is the key SEO trick to rank up your website and Google is considering it as SEO rank factor since 2010. Half of the users on the internet want to open the site in 2 seconds and the user does not stay on a site if it fails to open in 3 seconds. Thus it does not just only affect the rank factor but the user also quit to come back to your site due to delay in opening.

There are some factors that have a contribution to building your website speed. One of the biggest components that affect your website speed is website images. However, if you compress your website images it cuts down the loading time.

Here are some more SEO tricks that can reduce your website loading time.

Review page elements to reduce unnecessary stuffing and irrelevant content on each site page.

Enable Browsing cache for your repeat visitors so that data can store in temporary storage to load faster in the future.

Reduce Plugins by deactivating and removing unnecessary plugins and improve your website speed.

2. Secure Your Website With HTTPS

The second top SEO tricks to land in higher SEO ranking is to make your website secure. To make it more secure switch your website to HTTPS which is a more secure version of Http web protocol.  HTTP and SSL work together to communicate in a safer way.

HTTP has also some SEO benefits because Google prefers HTTP. As a matter of fact, in 2007 Google warns users who navigate to non-HTTP websites that page is not secure. Google has made it as a ranking factor in the search algorithm so that the user can feel better and safer search experience.

3. Optimize the Mobile Version Of Your Website

Although many brands have their mobile version website now Google makes it imperative for brands to have a mobile version of the website to serve their users.  Moreover it the main SEO trick to improve your site rank because as of 2015 Google started prioritizing mobile-friendly websites by adding in search algorithms.

According to the BrightEdge study, 57% of web user traffic comes from mobile devices.  When you start creating a mobile version of your website keep in mind that keywords work differently on mobile and desktop.

4. Improve Traffic and Engagement Metrics

As you know Google rewards best sites due to their user engagement on your website. When you talk about SEO user engagement can be measured by user stay time on your website. The more time user will spend on your website then more Google will rank up your site according to your user stay. The only thing that can engage your user is the content on your website.

Normally, the higher average stay time makes a higher organic position on the Google search engine result page.

Here are some SEO tricks to improve your traffic and engagement metrics.

  • Make your content easy to read if you want your user to stay on your website use easy phrases in your articles and improve readability.
  • Use images in your content so that have high quality and compelled throughout your content. It appeals to the user to stay on your website and keep him engaged.
  • Provide valuable content at the top of your content that engages the reader to go further. Provide valuable information to the reader that urges him to keep reading.

5. Enhance User Experience Of Your Website

User experience is a significant factor for your SEO and leads generation. The better user experiences the more leads and traffic on your website. To enhance the user experience make sure that your website is easy to use and readers can overlook your website in an efficient way.

Therefore Google is providing the best search engine techniques to provide the best user experience. Here some quick steps to enhance your website user experience.

  • Make your site navigation easy to move on the website and clearly listed categories.
  • Make the design of your website simple so that the user can easily get the data or information which he wants.
  • Develop optimized and easy to read content by adding heading tags.

6. Generate Engaging and Worthy Content

Creating engaging and valuable content is the key to success in getting organic traffic. However, to generate the engaging stuff you have to spend some time in research. Your content explains your product and services that you are providing.

In fact, if you want to engage your customers to remember your in every buying, you have to take place by creating the content that explores their challenges and concerns that communicate how you can provide value in their lives.

Because the content is the king so you should create original, unique and quality content in a long format if you want to rank up in search engines.

7. Empower Your Social Media Presence

This the best technique to boost up your rank position in Google and other search engines to capture organic traffic. Social media plays an important role in search engine optimization strategy.

Firstly, social media profiles rank in the search engines with their brands and it will appear at the top of the page in search results. That means your leads are clicking on your social media pages or profiles to look and know more about your brand.

The most important thing is that if search results are showing your social media profiles at the top so you should update your social media profiles with quality content. This may help to build your authority so that the user finds the quality content he can refer you by sharing any post or page link due to high-quality engaging content.

8. Conduct an SEO Audit in your Website

Conduct an SEO audit of your website to rectify that why you are not getting enough search traffic and leads. You can save your money by doing itself.

In SEO the auditing is actually the growing up technique that will help you to attract and retain customers. In this you start examining your website performance, setting some goals and try to achieve these goals.

Here are some pointers that you should pick in your site audit.

  • Does your all website page have SEO meta titles and descriptions?
  • Every page of your website is optimized for SEO keywords.
  • Does your URL’s structure optimize for search engines?
  • Does each page and blog of your website is formated appropriately?
  • Do all of your website images have keywords in their ALT tags?
  • Are you using links in your content?

9. Optimize Website for Google’s Featured Snippets

Optimizing website content according to Google’s featured snippets is the new SEO trick to land in higher rankings. Google featured snippets is the top result on SERP that helps the searcher to get an effective and quick answer to his question. These are the short and brief answers to the searcher question. The brands can acquire this position by optimizing their content.

There are some SEO techniques that can improve your content is showing up in Google’s featured snippets. First of all, consider what type of content in the format of answer and question you can develop.

You can add graphs, tables and list type content that can show up in the Google featured snippets.

10. Create Optimized Online

According to a study, 55% of keywords searching results in at least one video in the search results. This is because many people like video content and Google wants to provide valuable results to the users. By creating quality video content you can show up at the top of Google video search results.

Moreover, to create and publish video content you have to pay attention to the optimization of video content. As you should know that 82% of video search results come from Youtube and to optimize the Youtube video content you have to take the following necessary steps.

  • Create SEO friendly title for your youtube videos and the title should clearly state what is inside the video.
  • Create an engaging video description so the Google bots can easily read what is actually in the video.
  • Use appealing thumbnails that enforces the user to click on your video content.

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