SEO Trends in 2020

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Important SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2020

It’s a time to look ahead for SEO Professional in 2020 that what SEO techniques and tactics will work in 2020 to boost their SERP’s and their overall business exposure. Every year experts propagate some trends and techniques to upshot their overall work performance. There are many older and authentic SEO trends that we are following but what’s new?

10 Best SEO Trends in 2020

Here are the 10 latest SEO Trends that you should try to get high ranks and leads.

  1. User-Focused Optimization
  2.  High-Quality Optimized Data
  3.  E.A.T and Unfair Advantages
  4.  Technical SEO and UX
  5.  Mobile SEO
  6.  Structured Data
  7.  Knowledge Graph Optimization
  8.  Link Building and Brand Building
  9.  Focus on Visibility
  10.  Programming

1. User-Focused Optimization

In 2019 the launch of Google’s new algorithm BERT got attention and every SEO professional wants to know how to optimize with BERT. Rather than focusing to optimize through this algorithm just focus on the user-focused optimization and technical approach of delivering content.

The SEO’s should now the actual thing which is the delivery of content. Google is emphasizing on the intent matching rather than pure string matching. Content should be truly written that matches the user’s intent. Google is now continually updating to optimize search results based on user intent rather than focusing on content to keyword matching.

2. High-Quality Optimized Data

There is only one thing that is and will be the lifeblood of SEO is content and to succeed in 2020 you have to create high quality and valuable content. You have to make a goal to create the best content and to achieve this goal generate valuable content or hire someone who can write the best content.

This will happens to compete with long-tail searches, help you to build site authority and demand for your content. The goal is to switch the mentality from a topic centered towards content that addresses an entire conversation.

3. E.A.T and Unfair Advantages

In 2020 Google will look at the overall reputation and E.A.T (Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthiness) of a company and individuals who are working on behalf of that company. Companies that start with less reputation have some trust issues that lead to their security issues. It can become difficult to receive organic visibility without proper expertise and credentials to write on the topics.

Trustworthiness is very important for publishers in 2020 and there will be a strong focus on quality content and trust values of authors. Every business needs to find its unfair advantages and today offline needs to be online now. There are a few ways to get digital competitive advantages below.

  • Supply chain excellence (Provide the content in minimum less time)
  • Customer Service (Rapid and accurate answers of the customer)
  • Digital Branding (Reviews must be like love letters to capture the audience)
  • User Experience
  • Pricing
  • Products

4. Technical SEO and UX

The biggest SEO Trend of 202 is the UX-User Experience and that includes the overall experience from initial interaction with SERP’s, overall landing page experience and the experience after they leave your site. It is going to be gradually more essential for SEO’s to brace up their technical foundations.

When you talk about the Technical SEO and UX it leads us towards the overall website speed and page speed. To boost up the site speed we have to shift to a more technical SEO ecosystem nourished with more Javascript frameworks and PWAs.

5. Mobile SEO

Does Mobile SEO is important SEO Trends of 2020? Of course Yes! To survive in 2020 you have to give some time to fix the mobile SEO because every business coming into the shop is a mess.

The only way to succeed in it to build mobile-friendly sites and later convert them into desktop ones. Instead of visualizing someone to spend time on the desktop most of the masses on the globe spends on their mobile devices for the insights. That is not the end of mobile SEO but it should be closely reviewed to see the mobile SERPs to further optimize the mobile view of your website.

6. Structured Data

Everybody knows that “content” is the King and 2020 will need quality content to get up to mark SEO results and that is the biggest SEO Trend to follow up. So we need to give some hints to search engines to better understand and deliver results.

The only thing that can help search engines to understand and deliver the best results is to structurize your data. It does not only helps the search engine to understand the data on the page but also correlates with the elements on the page.

7. Knowledge Graph Optimization

The world is going to search the real-world objects and that’s why Google is finding ways to include entity related information in search results. Local search is the leading edge of entity-based search. You need to tie a large amount of your content to definite entities that Google either identifies or not.

In 2020 internal linking will come ahead but based on the things, not strings. We have to understand the unique knowledge graph on the web that will empower us to link those concepts better within the content and to benefit of users and SEO beginners.

8. Link Building and Brand Building

2020 is an era to move link building from the dark ages into a consumer-first approach. There are the following ways to move forward to gain this approach.

  • Planned Editorial: Topics that are covered by the journalists every single point e.g Black Friday,  Valentines Day
  • Planned Reactive Editorial: Features written by journalists that relate to seasonal events that are being covered in a time frame.
  • Reactive Editorial: Features written that are unplanned and cannot be predicted.

In 2020 link building is actually the brand building and this responsibility will fall on SEOs to build links and media placements in a way that drives traffic and upshot brands. The link building techniques not just only cover the rank building but also to promote brandings.

9. Focus On Visibility

There are big figures of zero clicks in 2019 and in 2020 on SERP SEO is a challenge for the SEOs. Agile marketers will need to learn the new Google algorithms by getting more strategic about the information shown in search snippets. It includes the usage of tactics that increase the actual clicks over impressions as featured snippets optimization.

SEOs need to optimize more than blue links. If you are not getting 1st in SEO ranking because of people not getting the actual results and not finding something interesting. Make your results fact-finding and interesting to the consumer that will drive more clicks in SERPs.

10. Programming

Focusing on your website programming is the significant SEO Trend that can lead you to the hyp of SEO. In 2020 you need to work on the Python and R to reduce the redundancy and to eliminate the time-consuming tasks. Moreover,  SEO automation will lead you to make free yourself by these fundamentals.

  • Introduce Branding.
  • Create great customer experiences.
  • Present you as a great storyteller.
  • Communicating in customer’s native (local) language.
  • Provide easy to consume content.
  • Keep yourself in a state of being human.

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