SEO Techniques in 2020

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Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

As you know the world is shifting rapidly, the SEO Tips and Techniques can change with chicken feed and most importantly, you did not even think of it. In 2018-19 the hacks that lift you to get first-page search results will be a mare and that may hit your page rankings. These so-called hacks can get you Google penalty will make tough to shift.

As an expert, your goal is to make your page reach the top of the list. As you get the higher rankings means the more organic traffic.

Sound like a desire, right? You can have your desires comes true, Exactly.

9 SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

Moreover, here are 9 effective SEO techniques to drive organic traffic.

  1. Improve user experience across the entire project.
  2. Optimize your website for Voice Search.
  3. Prioritize topic clusters instead of keywords.
  4. Focus on going in relevant detailing.
  5. Add video content with Youtube SEO.
  6. Introduce a variety of backlinks.
  7. Hands-on Technical Optimization.
  8. Focus on Local Audience
  9.  Make your self aware of knowing SEO performance

1. Improve User Experience Across the Entire Project

Lets things get elaborated that what Google does and wants. Like other search engines, they want to show the user the best query search results. If they welcome their users with irrelevant and low-quality results makes the user exhausted much that he will not use their services.

You will need to think about the constant desire of the user to show the best results when you are optimizing your website to make it SEO friendly. No one wants to land on some pages that take enough to load and increase the bounce rate.

2. Optimize your website for Voice Search.

As you should know the fact 50% of readers will shift to voice search by next year they will search the data with voice input rather than writing in the search box. They will use voice assistance devices for input to get their required results.

If you are thinking that this will not affect your SEO then you are wrong. Voice searchers have different natures from text searchers and the devices take data from SERP from the featured snippets box back as their answer.

3. Prioritize Topic Clusters Instead of Keywords.

All the search engines especially Google is evolving and they are doing so with their algorithm. So now the point is to understand the intentions of their reader that what they are for looking and what they need. Most importantly, what search results can help out their inserted query. But do not get happy about getting your result on the first page of Google SERP by just creating keyword-focused content.

“User Intent” should be preferred as the user looking for and want. Thus, instead of focusing on standalone keywords organize user content in the form of decent themes. Break down your content into topics and clusters. This content lying strategy can satisfy the user’s intent that they are getting what they are looking for.  All of your content on your website interlinked can help you to highly ranked by Google.

4. Focus On Giving Relevant Detailing.

Usually, the longer the content, the higher will be the rankings of the website on the top of SERPs. However, writing an article with 2000+ words is an intensive and time taking process but the interesting thing is, it is not necessary for some time.

Some searcher insert query that does not mean that they have to digest a log blog post to get their required result. However, writing a 1500+ words post will be also a time waste. They need their query answer in a short but brief answer. Unfortunately, there is no trick to determine the actual needs word count for an article. The solution is as being a google content manager and SEO professional you have to determine what you are providing what the readers want.

5. Add Video Content with Youtube SEO.

As it is a well-known fact in SEO the Youtube videos are ranked top ten in Google search often than any other video. According to Forbes, Youtube is the second most popular search engine on the web with more than three billion monthly searches surprising the competitor’s search engines.

SEOs should create quality videos and then optimize their SEO according to Youtube’s criteria. You will build a huge audience on this platform as well.

6. Introduce a Variety of Backlinks.

You should not be surprised when we talk about the Backlinks in SEO. According to Google, links are the number one factor when we discuss to get higher rankings. “Ranking without links is very hard.” So as well do not trap yourself in bad quality and low-level link stuffing which will create adverse consequences to harm your website.

Links that you get in response to quality content, outreaching, and influencer marketing are safer and very effective. As a result, Backlink stuffing may land you in the Google penalty.

7. Hands-on Technical Optimization.

keeping beside the SEO and tips, It is significantly needed to be a site as technically optimized. Therefore, the site may raise its business without having any technical issues. You will need to grip your technical SEO to rank well. Here are some tips for you.

  • Switch your website to HTTPs
  • Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages for Mobile User
  • Budget Money for Crawlers
  • Correct your Semantic Markups
  • Fix “Page Not Found” 404 Errors by Redirecting URLs.

8. Focus on Local Audience

According to research, 46% of users are looking for local information related to their grounds. There are following top searches for the information are

  • Local Shops
  • Opening hours
  • Contact Directories

Therefore, If you have a location-based business you can’t ignore local SEO and listing if you want to keep growing. Thus, here are some tricks to double your local audience.

  • Double-check your directory listing.
  • Build and optimize local landing pages.
  • Implement technical SEO for a local audience.

9. Make your self aware of knowing SEO performance

If you learn all the above SEO techniques you must have to know that reporting and analytics are essential for SEO. Therefore, here are some tools that you can use for reporting and analyzing.

  • Data Studio
  • Wayback Machine
  • SEMrush

Moreover, For effective you have to understand some key questions such as.

  1. What content can pull your customers?
  2. What part has the most UX issues?
  3. Which pages of the site are more or less visited and its reason?
  4. Which on-page and off pages changes upshot the page rankings?
  5. What style of Keyword will be focused in the future?

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