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It is a well-known fact that link building is the most significant skill in SEO. Basically, the link building is an upshot of many other skills that you have to get a good grip on sales, content, and primitive marketing. The main point? If you want plenty of users you have to build links and that what an SEO professional needs. Link building is like a common term used as building relationships. There are some points that brief about the Link building is SEO.

How to Build Links for your website?

Before going towards how link building actually works we have to know about the fundamentals of link building. Link building affects the ranking of Websites and according to Google’s Andrey Lipattsev Links, content and RankBrain are the main three factors of the rank building of websites. Nowadays google not only check the content of the page either looked at how many people are linked to that page.

Types of Links

There are 3 types of links

  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Back Links

What is an Exemplary Link?

Before diving into building high-quality link we must have to know what happens when you build a high-quality link or low-quality link. Watch Google penalize your website quicker than you can say “what is happening?“.  These are some of the factors to determine the quality of a backlink.

  • Page Authority – PA:  is the main factor affecting the quality of the Link building other than any factor.
  • Domain Rating is the factor that affects the quality of the link in the domain’s sitewide authority. You can check”Domain Rating”  through different online tools e.g Ahrefs.
  • Relevancy of the Site is the factor that can make your link exemplary. You have to choose a specific site for link building which is relevantly close to your website.
  • Link Positioning is the fourth factor that is important for Link building. Links positioning in the content of the page a best practice rather than posting at the corners or sidebars. Bottom line? The link should appear at the main page of your Website.
  • Link Editorially Placed is a factor that means someone links to you because they thought your website is awesome.
  • Anchor Text is the clickable text section of the link.

How to Get Quality Back Links with Content Marketing?

Content is like a key that unlocks worthy backlinks. Here are the four types of content that generate most of the links.

  • Virtual Stuff
  • Lists Post
  • Authentic Research and Data
  • Extensive Eventual Guides

Virtual Stuff

Virtual Stuff is the content in the form of;

  • Images
  • Diagram
  • Infographics
  • Charts and other image-oriented content

Lists Posts

Lists in the content as numbered contents technique, tips, and reasons, etc. According to the research, the use of lists posts upshot the DR of a website than any other content format.

Authentic Research and Data

SEO professionals should acquire content that reveals authentic research and newly established industries and surveys.

Extensive Eventual Guides

The content on your page is the ultimate final guide thus the content should be comprehensive enough to make the audience bilious.

How to Build Influential Links with Email-Outreach?

To build white hat links in 2019 and across, you need to use email outreach. How can we reach the bloggers and journalists have the only way to penetrate their spam folders? That is the big question and here are some answers.

Finding “Likely Linkers”

As the name specifies that means those ones who are likely to link you and reverse engineering is used to find them.

Finding “Email Addresses”

After the procedure of finding likely linkers, you have to dig some more to acquire their email addresses. Professionally is being used to find email addresses of any website.

Sending Personalized “Scripts”

You can send the personalized script to target someone and your script should not look like a script.

What Is Black Hat link Building and Google Penalties?

The links which are against Google’s Webmasters guidelines are likely to be black hat links and I will not recommend them. Further, it’s up to you. There are some penalties from Google in case of black hats.

Google Penguin

The algorithmic penalty that targets websites that are using spammy techniques to generate links. The only way to get rid is to generate White Hat links.

Manual Penalty

A manual penalty is normally imposed on those sites from someone inside Google which are picked up for review due to pitching with their system.

What Are the Best Link Building Strategies?

These are 2 of my combat-tested strategies for link building.

Resource Page Link Building

Resource pages link out quality content on acquired topic and we have to find them.

  • Finding Resource pages is the best technique in which different search techniques are used to find them.
  • Size Up The Page by enhancing your page URL’s Rating.
  • Finding The Best Fit Content for the resource page and it will be your best content in the world.
  • Sending Tested Script is the finishing task of this strategy.

Broken Link Building

Rather than asking for backlinks using broken link building is validating someone’s website.  You can use this technique by following these

  • Installing Link Miner will find broken links from any of the websites.
  • Finding Pages having plenty of outbound links that will make it easy for you to find a broken link.
  • Sending Email to Website Owner whose page has broken links with quality content as an alternative.

Advanced Link Building Techniques

Here are 8 advanced link building techniques.

  • Link Reclamation
  • Reverse Image Searching
  • Sending Emails at Specific Time
  • Visualization
  • Out Feelers Emails
  • Podcasting
  • Link Intersecting
  • Using Pre-Curated Lists

Link Reclamation

Most of the bloggers used the brand name in their article. They should link it to your pages if the didn’t it can be reclaimed which is easy to get links.

Reverse Image Searching

You can get “Bonus” links with Google reverse image search if someone is using your images.

Sending Emails at Specific Time

Sending outreach emails in the afternoon is the best practice to compete with the ongoing competition in the inbox of the targeted audience.


Create an illustration by visualizing your concept, ideas, and strategies to generate big links.

Out Feelers Emails

You cannot ask for a link to someone’s page and for that you have to send out feelers emails.


Podcasting is a shorter way to impress someone. Instead of writing, editing, and drafting you can convey someone very quickly that what you know.

Link Intersecting

If someone is generating a link with your competitor that means it will also generate a link with you. You can use Ahrefs link intersecting tool to intersect links.

Using Pre-Curated Lists

It is very hard to find high-quality links but the good news is that Best blog lists are used as pre-curated lists for quality links.

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