Advanced SEO Techniques in 2020

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Supercharge Your Marketing by Advanced SEO

When we talk about the advanced SEO it does not only squeeze to keywords but also with the latest techniques with some expertise. Initially, keywords techniques are used in beginner level SEO. Moreover, after a few months, it requires some advanced techniques for advanced SEO. Advance SEO is the use of techniques to tackle Google’s algorithm. Anyone can do this with some effort and hard work.

Here are 10 basic Advanced SEO Techniques in 2020.

1-Site Framework Audit

To find opportunities and to enhance your search traffic, therefore, an audit is required. QuickSprout is a tool for the audit of your site and here are the few quick steps.

Step#1– Go to QuickSprout and search your webpage URL and click the “Login with Google” button.

Step#2-Check your website performance and remove potential errors.

This tool will show you the errors and the page which contains errors thus suggested solution will be also there.

2-Data Research

Data research is the basic objective to boost your website however quality content is the basic phenomenon of getting more organic traffic. The data should be authentic and relevant to your website. The information given on the site should be authentic and updated. There are some websites that you can use are here below.

  1. Moz
  2. WikiHow
  3. Quora 
  4. Search Engine Land  
  5. Search Engine Learner

3-Creating Optimized Landing Pages

Landing pages are the gateways that open up to enhance your traffic. The better-designed landing page to illustrate more leads and traffic to your website. Plenty of landing pages also boost up your audience and generate astounding income. Here are a few checks to optimize your landing page.

  • Using Long Tailed Keywords e.g “Buy Breathable Jogging Shoes”
  • Use landing page creator e.g  Wix
  • Add updated content to your landing page
  • Landing page should make content utilizable
  • Use of good looking headings, subtitles, and bullets
  • The page should be designed appropriately
  • Link building for your landing page

4-Making Mobile-friendly and Responsive Webpages

The world is full of mobile users that cover a large number of audience. Mobile users are the impassioned shoppers that are why in 2020 e-commerce is the key to success. Millions of retailers are investing in mobile advertising and e-commerce.

All this analysis is pointing to one thing that there is a dreadful potential to increase search traffic by designing mobile-friendly websites.

5-Upshooting Infographics

You can double your live traffic by uplifting your infographics. Here are some ways to improve your infographics on your website.

  • In fact, you can make your infographics better with some tool like You can also hire a professional designer to enhance your website infographics.
  • Write updated content according to your infographics then submit it to top infographics directories.

6-Implementing Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

It is a phenomenon in which LSI keywords are used in search engines to deeply understand the website content. Here are a few guidelines for targeting LSI keywords.

  • Find the same keywords as the main keyword means, but with different structure and spelling.
  • Don’t over-optimized to avoid penalties. Necessary utilization and copy flaws should be avoided.
  • There should be a natural writing style. Do not override the main keyword which you want to be ranked. LSI keywords guide Google to understand that what you are writing.

7-Targetting Competitor’s Live Keywords

Check out the below guides to target competitor’s live keywords.

  • There are many tools to target a competitor’s live keywords for example SEMrush. Therefore just go to the search box and put the competitor’s site URL.
  • Analyze the live keywords of the competitor.
  • has also used the competitor’s blogs and link sites.

8-Captivating Authoritative Social Platforms

Leverage of authoritative social platforms can be taken through;

In addition, these sites can help your sites to rank up and generate organic traffic. Here are the following steps to leverage these social platforms.

Step#:1 Find a Trending Topic- To find a trending topic you have to look inside the different forums. We should have to research what are people talking about nowadays.

Step#:2 Make Outlines- After selecting a specific topic, pick up key points and make further outlines.

Step# :3 Find related Images- Find data related images to support your content. Make sure to pick “Free to use” images from Google to avoid copyright restrictions.

Step#:4 Research and study successful presentations- Find and research for the successful Slideshare presentations. Learning from experts is the best way to enhance your organic audience. Find the presentations from the Slideshare main. Read them carefully that how can improve them to upshot them. Add useful images, statistics, and data to support the facts.

Step#:5 Create Your Presentation- Create your own presentation on Slideshare by using the above-acquired data and statistics. You can share these Slideshare presentations on Scribd and Animoto.

9-Profound Linking to Internal Pages

Deep linking is required using anchor text to link with other pages. Before linking inside it is significant to check how many inbound links go on your which page rather than other pages. You can improve your following site stats listed below,

i) Page authority enhancement.

ii) Accomplish internal pages indexable. 

You can use Weblogs and Newsgator to ping high authority search directories.

“Moz” is used for this practice as described in the steps below;

Step#1: Go to Moz’s OpenSiteExplorer, insert your page URL and click the search button.

Step#2: Move the cursor on the top left-hand side and click on “Top Pages”.

Step#3:Check inbound link ratio.

10-Refreshing Archive Pages

You can enhance your search traffic dramatically, as a result, refreshing your archives pages and creating the best content. Make your focus on recent trends and developments to rank your site during content selection. Here are some steps below to refresh archives pages.

Step#1: Go to Google Analytics and click on the “behavior” button on the left side.

Step#2: Check out the best performing posts from three to six months ago.

Step#3: Write shareable headlines.

Step#4: Back up gathered facts and data from all above this.

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